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My top three goals when starting Megan's 6 - Month Health Coaching Program were, lose weight, feel healthy, and gain flexibility. Throughout the program Megan was able to help me reach these goals by helping me set small goals and hold me accountable. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since doing the program is, my health anxiety and fixation has significantly lowered, while my healthy habits have increased. Overall, though, the most significant change I've seen has been a new awareness of myself and my habits. For anyone who may wonder, I would describe Megan as kind and patient! I would recommend Megan's Coaching services to anyone who may be looking for a knowledgeable accountability partner. It is amazing to look back on the six months and see all that you've accomplished!

Andrea F.

Hear from our Clients!

My top goals when starting my six month program were making my health a priority and foods. Elevated Wellness helped me achieve my health goals by keeping me accountable and helping me to set manageable goals each week. The biggest tangible change I noticed from doing the program has been the ability to focus on my health and make it a priority. Having the accountability from Megan at Elevated Wellness keeps this a top focus and doesn't let "life" get in the way of reaching my goals. The most significant change I have noticed is the benefits from making my health a priority. Having Elevated Wellness keeping me focused and accountable means I am doing whats best for me and making progress! Megan is absolutely the sweetest! She is knowledgeable, has great ideas, knows how to motivate me and always listens without passing judgement. 

Emily E.

My top three goals when I started my program were eating a better diet, establishing a exercise routine, and building a better brain and cognitive stimulation. Megan helped me establish better habits and helped me to be more mindful of the foods I eat. She gave me tools to use to help me incorporate exercise into my day. The biggest changes I have noticed have been feeling a lot more relaxed and happy. Whenever I start to stress about something I remember Megan's advice to journal, get outside in nature, or rest and meditate. I have also noticed that I feel better physically and mentally, as well as, being much less stressed. I would recommend Megan to anyone who is struggling with accomplishing their goals. She truly keeps you on track and makes very helpful suggestions to get you there!

Kathy E.

​My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were, 

- Establish Healthy Eating Habits

- Lose Weight

- Reduce anxiety and stress

My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by guiding me through figuring out which foods were best for me. Megan provided me with fantastic coping mechanisms when it comes to my struggle with anxiety and depression. The podcasts and music that you showed me, still helps me to this day!!

The most significant overall change I have noticed from doing Health Coaching with Megan has been I noticed my stress/anxiety went way down due to all the changes that you walked me through. Especially getting back into journaling and thinking through situations rather than acting off of emotion. This has helped me in my personal and professional life, and I can’t thank you enough!


I would describe my coach as understanding and beyond helpful. Megan listens to you and what your body is telling you. She takes your concerns and comes up with a solution based on the facts of the problem and any outside forces that may be contributing to the issue.  She is very responsive and takes the time to really get to know you and wants to help you be the best you, you can be!


I would recommend my coach to absolutely everyone!! Especially if you struggle with anxiety like I do!

Brittany E.

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